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in at 11:00 last night. he noticed a box with wires sticking out. san francisco police immediately blocked it off and the bomb squad eventually determined the items were harmless and passengers were bussed to another station. >>> and the fire chief tells us that a lynn none cart caught fire after 2:00 a.m. this morning. maybe they contain had flames to the cart. now an electrical fire started on january 20th. >>> this is the third day of the alexander dove in dale county alabama. they were able to give coloring books and medication to the little boy who reportedly has health problems. he was kidnapped after a gunman shot and killed the bus driver. the 65--year-old suspect is described as a retired veteran who reportedly has anti- american views. >>> after reaching an impasse, a san francisco jury will try to reach averred didn't. -- verdict. deborah madden is accused of stealing drug from the lab. yesterday they said they were at an impasse but they are expected to resume deliberations today. >>> they are hearing allegations on a bay area marijuana club. they are fighting the justice depar
. [ gear shifts ] mexico, here we come. [ sirens wailing ] >>> a mere disaster on san francisco bay when this oil tanker sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. the big question tonight how did it happen. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. close call on the san francisco bay but was it human error or something else. officials are trying to determine how a tanker hit a tower on the san francisco bridge. the coast guard reports no oil spill resulted. we've learned the tanker had already been unloaded. and caltrans says there was no major damage to the bridge. it remained open to travel traffic. we have continuing coverage now from heather holmes. she's live at treasure island with what she's learned about the bar pilot guiding that tanker and the scrutiny he's now facing. >> reporter: he's been a bar pilot since 2005. prior to that he worked for several years on oil tankers for exxon. but today while guiding that vessel. the overseas raymar this experienced mainer sideswiped the tower of the bridge. look at the top left side of this picture. that is a piece
disaster on san francisco bay when this oil tanker sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. the big question tonight how did it happen. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. close call on the san francisco bay but was it human error or something else. officials are trying to determine how a tanker hit a tower on the san francisco bridge. the coast guard reports no oil spill resulted. we've learned the tanker had already been unloaded. and caltrans says there was no major damage to the bridge. it remained open to travel traffic. we have continuing coverage now from heather holmes. she's live at treasure island with what she's learned about the bar pilot guiding that tanker and the scrutiny he's now facing. >> reporter: he's been a bar pilot since 2005. prior to that he worked for several years on oil tankers for exxon. but today while guiding that vessel. the overseas raymar this experienced mainer sideswiped the tower of the bridge. look at the top left side of this picture. that is a piece of the bridge barrier stuck to the side of the ship's hull. >> about 30
this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 7 starts now. >> new reaction to san francisco forty-niners quarterback chris culliver falling the some anti-gay, it's what he said in reaction to his remarks coming up. >>. >> it is good news bad news for the hot spot. the bad news is traffic is backed up on one to 1 northbound to san jose. >> the good news is there are moments away from reopening the two right hand lanes at the lawrence expressway or they have been shut down since the 3:00 a.m. hour and for the morning commute. >> for a while they had three accident lines shut down. a big rig and slammed into a guard rail and not debris along the road way. the cleanup operations are just about wrapped of. they have removed our photographer and michael bolton from the scene. >>--michael pelton. >> i will have another completes traffic check coming up. erica. >> good morning george. taking it over to satellite radar we are enjoying clear skies. we are a dry around the bay area. that will remain the case for the next string of days. taking a look at what is on tap heading into the weeken
in the castro, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> and new orleans and san francisco i think you've noticed a lot of similarities. there's a lot of differences there, too. but i guess the new orleanians owe a big thank you to the folks in san francisco. >> reporter: this is a really interesting story. i learned a lot about the history of san francisco doing this story. they are still thanking them decades later because some san franciscans came here to new orleans many years ago and helped them save the view. >> reporter: when people around the world think of the vieux carre they think of scenes like this but it almost looks like this. >> we're not talking about a highway. we're talking about an act of barbarism. >> reporter: it would stand 40 feet tall and six lanes wide 3.5 miles of it running between the mississippi river and the city's iconic st. louis cathedral. [ church bells ] >> jackson square, the highway. gone. no access to the river. it's over. >> reporter: and the damage wouldn't end there. >> all you see in front of us, all these trees, all the
. the toll plaza shows no metering lights just lights to san francisco with in fog. >> hockey fans, good news. businesses in the south bay are gearing up for the return of national hockey league action after a bitter lock outwas lifted but will the fans return with so season return? >> well, this is where the shacks will practice, the sharks ice here. will the fans be back? if history is any indication there is in doubt, they will be back. since they got here to the pavilion they have packed hp to 90 percent capacity each season and 96 percent capacity all but three years so they will be back. the sharks show a season starting with the nhl and players reaching a agreement after 113-day lock out a ten year agreement. it is not official but considered a done deal. >> the details of this need to be put to paper. we have to cross a lot t's and dot the i's. >> we are excited and we have been preparing for a variety of outcomes and we are happy this transpired. >> you mentioned the businesses down here and who is happiest. the bars and restaurants could be almost as happy as the players. this has b
this morning in san francisco and a freeze warning is set to kick in at the same time for most of the bay area. we want to check in now with mark tamayo who's keeping a close eye on the cold temperatures. there's no cloud cover tonight, that's the problem. >> no cloud cover. right now we're talking about frost advisories and freeze warnings for the fourth night in a row. that frost advisory in place for san francisco set to begin at 2:00 tomorrow morning to reflect temperatures in the mid- 30s. for a good portion of the bay area we have freeze warnings. look at that temperature range, 18. 18 to 30 degrees first thing tomorrow morning. you can see for all the areas shaded in purple. here is a look at some of the current numbers for the 10:00 hour. san francisco in the mid-40s. oakland at 43 degrees. walnut creek 30 degrees right now. santa rosa 34. we have a bunch of other temperature sensors that deployed across the region and very cold numbers currently 31 degrees. petaluma in the current 30s. pleasanton 34 and in the south bay for san jose, san jose state currently 32. some lower 30s out tow
to that. >>> and san francisco intersection they are using extreme measures to keeping pedestrians safe. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you welcome to a brand-new day, it is january 7th, what year? >> 2013. >> i am dave clark. >> good morning, some people think it is unlucky, but i am not buying into that. >> it's good to be optimistic. >> i agree. >> unless you are dealing with a lot of fog and you can be pest mystic but a lot of high clouds to near 60s. here is sal. >>> it is busier already coming through berkeley and out to the oakland area and when you get to the toll plaza it is not busy just yet and everything looks good on 101 coming to the downtown area. let's go back to the desk. >>> a search continues for a san francisco man accused of dousing his girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire. alex savage has more in san francisco with what family members are saying about this attack, good morning, alex. >> reporter: they say it was an argument about laundry which prompted the attack. the victim in this case is a mother of three and remains ho
. >> goodbye, free meter parking on sunday in san francisco. the reaction on day one of a major shift in the city's parking rules. >> first, the tech bytes. >> in tech bides the annual consumer electronic show opens this week in las vegas and it could be the year of the fal let, with samsung note on the market and self more companies are expected to announce a fab let at the show. readers can see more visuals. the word of the year is "hash tag." that was picked over fiscal cliff and 47 percent. the only text on the cover of newsweek was "hash tag." >> san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. 4:42 on monday. hope you had a great weekend. san francisco is locking across the bay toward oakland, crystal clear right here. it is cold. we have fog out there. mike nicco is tracking that for you. and there are fog advisories. >> new this morning, the alameda family coroner identified a man killed running across a busy oakland freeway. a 44-year-old behind a wheel hit the center divider of i-880 and after the crash, he got out of the car and tried to cross the freeway
opened fire in san francisco's glenn park neighborhood. police were called to a home on alameda boulevard near silver avenue around 10:00 last night. when they arrived, they found an 80-year-old woman and 50- year-old man with gunshot wounds. both victims were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening wounds. anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call san francisco police. >>> a hayward police dog is being praised tonight for sniffing out a key piece of evidence in a suspected gang shooting. the hayward police department tweeted this picture last night of canine officer nikki finding a handgun near some bushes. police say the gun was found a few hours after a gang shooting nearby. the tweet included a line reading, quote, you can't hide from the nose. >>> in san jose, fire crews are on the scene right now of a two- alarm house fire. the fire at a home on gara road near mount pleasant road started about two hours ago, producing a plume of thick, black smoke you can see in the picture could be seen for miles. a viewer posted this photo on our facebook page. six people man
the helicopter to reach him and he was not hurt. >>> if you park in san francisco you need to feed the meter to avoid a ticket. it's the first sunday that the city's new parking fees will be enforced between noon and 6:00 p.m.. until now drivers got warners but that grace period ends today. >>> san francisco 49ers will have one last chance to wish the team good luck. before the players lead for the super bowl they are departing from their practice facility until noon today. and then they will head out on a delta charter night for new orleans. the baltimore ravens fly to new orleans tomorrow. we are also sending a team of anchors to new orleans. they will have live reports and every newscast leading up to super bowl sunday. those will start tonight. immediately following the super bowl you will see a live local post game show right here on ktvu channel 2. >> that looks like a good defensive line for ktvu. super bowl week very exciting. if you want to go outside let's see what we're looking like. >>> it's a pretty day. just don't leave without your jacket. you may need it. it's cool out there.
vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:07. one san francisco supervisor wants to crack down on muni and its service problems. the san francisco chronicle says scott wiener will ask the board for a hearing where muni would report on all of the recent service problems and the city controller would say how much money that cost in lost productivity. >>> muni's board of directors will vote on whether to approve a $24.1 million contract to overhaul are the aging train management system. now, a new network would feature an integrated series of fiberoptic cables, an uninterruptible power systems. that system would be managed at one central location which muni says will help them quickly out problems and make adjustments. if approved, the project would be finished in 1.5 years. >>> the cold weather is bringing dangerous conditions for bay area drivers. this is what it looked like yesterday when six vehicles were involved in a collision near fish ranch road and claremont avenue. this is in the oakland hills. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. drivers are being warned to watch out for black ice and l
.99 >> reporter: a san francisco woman doused in gasoline and set on fire over the weekend. an update on her condition and the latest on the search for her accused attacker. >>> a violent attack in the south bay overnight. what witnesses are saying and what we found at the crime scene. >> reporter: we're live at candlestick park where 49ers' fans are getting ready for the big game this weekend. we'll tell you why tickets may be hard to come by. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, january 7th. >>> breaking news in the east bay. we're learning what caused -- what looked like a lot of smoke in the berkeley area, turns out it was just a steampipe that burst at a factory. let's go to sal. >> we got a lot of calls in the newsroom. we turned the camera to it. we can show you this picture now. it's just a bunch of team coming from a factory. we have different parts of the steam coming from a broken steampipe or it may be normal operations. but people saw this and said there is a fire in berkeley. well, we called the berkeley fire dep
with wires sticking out of it. san francisco police then cordoned off the caltrain station at 4th and king streets as a precaution. the bomb squad inspected the item and determined that it was harmless. no one was hurt. the train was scheduled to head back out. the passengers waiting to board were bussed to another station for a new outbound train. >>> 7:06. let's go right back to sal. we have that mess in the south bay because of the big rig crash but you are watching everywhere else as well. >> that's right. we're gonna start at northbound 101 at fair oaks. the chp told janine they are just about to open the lanes here on the 101 but the backup is almost to the san jose airport. i would suggest 280 for a short route. again, good news, they are just about to reopen it. we've been on this story since we went on the air at 4:30. let's take a look at some live pictures. i want to show you 880 here in oakland. that looks pretty good driving past the coliseum. getting to downtown oakland. to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic busy. but not all that bad. it's about a 20-minute dela
-- >> a state lawmaker from san francisco is proposing a homeless bill of rights. it basically -- the idea is to protect the civil rights of homeless people. >> statewide recommendations at a uniform plan in every california city where homeless people can get health care and find a clean bathroom or a place to stay. >> we are not going to usurp any local community's local laws about it but like to provide direction for how to alleviate homelessness. >> the goal is to help the homelessness rather than criminalize them. would also include free legal representation. >>> new this morning, a shooting in san bruno puts a teenaged girl in the hospital. it happened just before 10:30 last night near the intersection of santa teresa way and park boulevard next to cappuccino high school. the san mateo county sheriff's office says the girl who was shot was 16 years old from south san francisco. right now in stable condition. no arrests have been made. >>> across the nation, several gun shows within an hour's drive from where gunman opened fire at an elementary school in connecticut have been cancelled
to figure out what happened on san francisco bay. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is on treasure island with some new information about the man in control of the ship that hit the bay bridge yesterday morning. >> reporter: good morning. that pilot is in the hot seat today as that tanker you can see behind me is staying put as the coast guard continues its investigation. this morning that pilot will be face to face with investigators pending the results of a drug test. that tanker was on the way to sea when did hit a fender at the bridge around 6:30 yesterday afternoon. visibility as a quarter mile with fog. no signs of a spill, everybody was safe. caltrans engineers responded but found no significant damage to the bay bridge. >> this is just a scrape to the bridge. >> reporter: the fender acted like a bumper and caltrans says they will replace 40 feet of it but the question is, how did this happen in the first place? coast guard will be meeting with the pilot in a few hours. the "san jose mercury news" identifies him as guy kleess of san francisco.
without bail that hearing today is set for 2:00. >>> this morning, san francisco police continuing the search for a man wanted for dousing his girlfriend with gasoline and then setting her on fire. they say 22-year-old dexter oliver attacked her yesterday afternoon near the intersection of hollister around jennings in the city's bay view district. 25-year-old star lamar is now in critical condition in the burn unit at st. francis hospital. she has severe burns to her face and chest. family members say oliver became enrage when lamar told him their relationship was over. >> gasoline and a bottle and he let her know he was gonna burn her. >> police say oliver is 5'10", about 155 pounds, has a haircut with a lightning bolt on one side of his head ander fish designs on the other. >>> peninsula police are looking for the person who shot a teenaged girl near a local high school. the girl was found saturday night across from cappuccino high school in millbrae. this morning, she is in stable condition. the shooting is a rain stance of gun violence in a relatively quiet area. officer does n
in san francisco and we are at the most dangerous intersection and we will tell you where it is and what measures are being taken to make it safe. >>> hockey, just how many sharks' fans you can expect to see this season, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. . >>> good morning, i am pam cook, thank you for waking up with us. >> is it -- i thought i saw it? >> no. >> it will be there until the end of the week. >> okay, they will not be doing too much but a few high clouds will be spilling over and 50s and 60s on the temperatures, here is sal. >>> on the east shore freeway it does look good although there are more people joining us for this commute from east shore to berkeley. also the morning commute is good, let's go back to the desk. >>> a man was stabbed an injured in san jose and it happened while he was just sitting in his car. janine de la vega is on the scene and just spoke to the victim's friend, jeanine? >> reporter: that is right, they were not able to go back to sleep and they said the victim and some friends were here on the corner in front of an apartment complex
violated. >>> a man suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco is now under arrest this morning. we are told 22-year-old dexter oliver will be charged with attempted murder and arson for sunday's attack in the bayview at a laundromat. police arrested him at an oakland hotel. the victim 25-year-old star lamar still hospitalized with life-threatening burns. >>> a basically accused of hitting -- bicyclist accused of hitting and killing someone is charged with felony vehicular manslaughter for last april's accident. today's court appearance is set for a preliminary hearing. >>> the man charged with killing two people in san francisco on new year's day goes to court this morning. 19-year-old david morales is facing two counts of murder and a number o other charges arrested after a shooting and crash that left two people dead on south van ness avenue. his bail is $10 million. >>> dna technology has promised and arrest in a -- prompted an arrest in a 1985 mountain view murder. the body of 21-year-old saba germai was found on north shore
. according to san francisco police, police want you to keep an eye out for this man. he has a special haircut with a fish design on one side and a lightning bolt on the other side. police say oliver used gas from a cancer at the couple's home and he doused his girlfriend with that gas and set her on fire in the middle of street. they identified her as star lamar. her sister said the couple argued quite a bit but this is still hard to comprehend. >> i still want to know why he did this to my sister and that he should turn himself in and my sister will make a full recovery because she is strong and i know she is strong, she has been through so much. >> the victim's sister said the fight began a few blocks away from the couple's home. the woman wanted to leave their clothes there at the lawn matt and the boyfriend did not like that idea. that is when he went home and got the gas. police say at the burn center, she is being treated for life- threatening injuries and right now police continue to search for her boyfriend identified as dexter oliverian he is still on the run after carrying out that
coverage of the near disaster on the san francisco bay that we first covered on ktvu channel 2 news at noon yesterday. this morning, the u.s. coast guard will meet with the pilot of the oil tanker that sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live with new details about this bar pilot's past. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. a coast guard spokesperson tells me there will be an update on this investigation coming after the team is briefed at 8:00 this morning. we do know that investigators will be sitting down later today and talking with the pilot at the controls of this 750-foot oil tanker when it struck one of the bay bridge towers. he's identified as george close with eight years experience. he did pass an alcohol test yesterday and the results of a drug test may come back today. yesterday's accident yesterday after the vessel was heading back to sea. there was heavy fog in the area at the time. that cut visibility on the bay to just about a quarter mile. this double-hauled vessel struck the wood and barrier that sports the bridge on the western sp
-one track and field. >> coming up bonfires around this san francisco. how you can keep this from happening in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> one system output and other coming and that this rain will not impact us but rainfall, later this week. details officer (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> on the corner of kirkwood and dormitory in san francisco sits this lonely tree or should i say whats i believe it's what's left of a christmas tree because of these lights that were still attached and this tree stand a few blocks away, yet more burned up rements of what was once possiblly christmas tree it even scorched this hydrant in fact from the beach to the bay burned up christmas trees litter the san francisco landscape over at ocean beach dispite this "christmas tree burning is prohibited sign" you will find burned trees on the beach people call it a tradition to burn old trees at the beach the national parks service calls it illegal e over at 19th and folsom sits san francisco fire station 7. well at 230 in the morning there was a
>>> tonight on the 10:00 >>> late tonight san francisco police identify the man wanted for a horrific attack. what prompted him allegedly to set a woman on fire. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we have new information tonight about a crime in the san francisco's bay district. a woman was doused with chemicals and set on fire. tonight police are still looking for the assailant, the victim's boyfriend. police released the picture of dexter oliver. he is still on the run tonight. >> reporter: crime scene technicians carried gas canisters from the home. the people who live here say the extra gas is for the cars in the driveway. but today at noon police say this man 22-year-old dexter oliver decided to use the content of these bottles to burn and seriously injure his girlfriend. >> they argue and stuff all the time but i didn't think it would go this far. >> reporter: the mother of three is now in the hospital with burns to the face, chest and neck. the victim's sister says it all started with an argument that started at the laundromat. >> my
. >>> new details about the close call yesterday on the san francisco bay this morning the coast guard will meet with the bar pilot with the oil tanker that sideswiped the bay bridge. live with new information about the bar pilot and about what handed out there, alex? >> good morning, i just spoke with a representative, later today their investigators will be sitting down and conducting an interview with the bar pilot after being involved in this collision and they are still trying to zero in on a collision. this is the ship. the overseas ray march. the 750-foot oil tanker sideswiped the bay bridge and ktvu channel 2 news learned that the pilot passed an alcohol test and results of a drug test will be later today. george has eight years of experience and yesterday's accident happened at 11:00 a.m. at a time when there was heavy fog and it cut visibility on the bay for just about a quarter of a mile : it struck the western span and caltrans reported no damage to the structure and no oil was spilled as a result of the crash. it just unloaded 350,000 barrels of crude oil and was headed ba
his girlfriend on fire in san francisco. police want to find 22-year-old dexter oliver after a young woman was found with severe burns. amy hollyfield joins from the burn center. how is she doing? >> i spoke with two sisters. the family hasn't been in to see her yet this morning but are waiting for more relatives to arrive from sacramento and trying to brace themselves for an afternoon visit here at the hospital. they have been told she can expect to be in the hospital for four to five months. >> we kept talking about it all night. it was hard to go to sleep. >> this has been so tough to deal with she hasn't even been able to bring herself to visit her sister, starr lamare. she was set on fire yesterday and is in the hospital with burns do her face. witnesses, relatives and police believe her boyfriend, dexter oliver, is to blame. this morning, her family was shocked when oliver's grandmother called her mother. >> my mother thought she trusted him and let him survey in -- sty in the house and fed him, why would he do something like that to her baby. she tried to, the grandmother, she
error or something else >> reporter: the accident coming five years after a san francisco bar pilot was blamed for steering the container ship cosco busan into the same bridge. the oil tanker "overseas reymar" was empty when it slammed into one of the support towers. on the late this morning. >> the navigation equipment, the radar they speak to the vessel traffic services. >> the pilots association said that at the time of the crash there was no petroleum on board with the exception of what was fueling the ship. a good thing. from the sky 7 abc seven. this-vessel. it appears to be well above the water line. no penetration of the hole itself. >> they would interview and drug test everybody. and continue to monitor the integrity of the ship to make sure that nothing seeps into the water. it continues to remain off see also the possibility if there was more that they can do as far as avoiding incidences like this. still more questions on what we can get in the next couple of days. >> that is vital. thank you, dan kerman. >> pam: our live team coverage with a charles clifford. live rep
. the pilot has been identified from san francisco. i wanted to bring it back live. here with me this morning is lieutenant commander rick foster of the coast guard. good morning. >> morning. >> what's been going on thus far this morning with the investigation? >> the investigation is ongoing. we've interviewed a number of key personnel for the safe operation and navigation of the vessel. and we've conducted some alcohol and drug testing which is standard procedure. our marine inspectors are on the vessel doing structural integrity-type testing as well as our investigators are on board the vessel right now conducting interviews with the crew and just gathering as much data as possible. >> reporter: one of the things we heard yesterday is that visibility may have been a factor, it was reduced to maybe quarter of a mile. how do you look into that as a factor? >> we want to first determine what the visibility was. and of course the investigation will help with that. but that said, visibility as you know in the bay area here could always be a challenge. these vessels are pretty technically advanc
deliciously real. >>> it's horrific. san francisco police looking for a man wanted for dousing his girlfriend with gasoline and then setting her on fire. they say 22-year-old dexter oliver attacked her yesterday afternoon in the city's bayview district. 25-year-old starr lamar is now in critical condition in the burn unit at st. francis hospital. she has severe burns to her face and chest. family members say oliver became enraged when lamar told him the relationship was over. >> that's when he poured gasoline in a bottle and i didn't know he was going to burn her. >> police say oliver is 5'10", 155 pounds and has a haircut with a lightning bolt on one side of his head and a fish design on the other. >>> getting ready for his next political battle. president obama announcing today two changes to the national security council. the president is nominating former republican senator from nebraska chuck hagel as the nation's next defense secretary, replacing leon panetta. he also nominated john brennan to lead the cia. both hagel and brennan will face senate confirmation hearings, and republicans a
] of san francisco. according to the "mercury news," in 2009 he ran aground 550-foot cargo ship of in sacramento. he also was in a tugboat when it ran aground in the inner richmond harbor. we haven't gotten results of drug tests but he tested negative for alcohol. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> a man suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco now under arrest this morning. we are told 22-year-old dexter oliver will be charged with attempted murder and arson. the 25-year-old victim is still in the hospital with life- threatening burns. >>> mountain view police say modern dna technology has led to an arrest in a 1985 murder case. it was 28 years ago this month the body of 21 zabba engineer may was found in a dumpster behind a safeway grocery store. police arrested 53-year-old daniel garcia on friday of fresno on suspicion of murder. recent tests matched his dna to skin fragments under the victim's finger nailed. search for victims of the "speed freak" killer is taking new turns. victims will be searched for again. the fbi is focusi
, but traffic is getting back to normal. >>> in the san francisco neighborhood, they are stunned by what they saw. and a woman was set on fire in the middle of the san francisco streets. it happened just a few blocks from candlestick park. cbs 5 reporter talked to the woman's sister who saw it happen. linda? >> and the young victim remains in the burn unit here at st. francis hospital. and the sister says that it was the boyfriend's fault. they have fought and then it escalated into where a fight where he set her on fire. neighbors heard horrifying cries for help and then saw a woman on fire tearing at her clothing. they did not want to be identified. >> we heard some screaming and we went outside. >> i had seen a fire and she was running taking off her clothes. >> reporter: it was the 25-year- old who was the mother of three young children. >> most of her face is burnt and just a little bit of the hair is there. >> reporter: and they are accusing her boyfriend, the 22- year-old of torching her after a fight. >> they got into an argument and she left the laundromat. >> reporter: she was
. the popular program that's being expanded in san francisco. >>> a beautiful sunset from our oakland airport cam. take a peek out. some of you in the 60s. we'll talk about the harsh reality of winter. >>> is there a check in your future? we'll tell you who's eligible coming up on consumer watch. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] date for oral arguments on elementary school returned from winter break today, the doors locked tightly behin >>> when students at one bay area elementary school return from break, the door locks tightly behind him. we have the new security rule and what parents think about it. >> it's a beginning. we'll see where we get from here. >> winter break is over. kids have returned to school in the marine county area. with the sandy hook massacre in mind, the security has new practi
of the last 6, which means start with the quarterbacks, you have colin kaepernick for san francisco, joe flacco for baltimore, they have great postseasons, so whoever looks like that guy early, luckily will be that guy at the end with his fingerprints on the lombardi trophy. >> interesting. let's turn now for a minute. to baltimore. is everyone putting aside what happened in atlanta after the super bowl? >> they probably are putting that aside. i hate ray lewis' dance, do you like that dance? >> no, it's horrible. but i like ray lewis. >> wait a minute, what happened to -- no, i hate the dance. >> i'm going to get into that. ray lewis is one of the most liked persons in the nfl by his piers, except for quarterbacks. i had a 45-minute interview with ray lewis back in october. the thing that came across quickly. very sincere, very inspirational, he told me before he announced his retirement, he wants to spend the rest of his life telling young people his mistakes so they can't make the same mistakes. >> do you think he's a changed man? >> i'm convinced he is, from what happened 13 years ag
to discuss that is "san francisco chronicle" political reporter joe garofoli. let's talk about california for a second. because all i can tell you, as a former governor two-third's majority in each house. oh my god. >> it's very tempting to ram through everything you have ever wanted to do. but jerry brown, remember this is his third term. 74 years old. he is a smarter wiser guy. look for the legislature to follow his lead. >> jennifer: it will have to go on the ballot if they are going to raise taxes. >> right. >> jennifer: even though that was the big drawback of prop 13. >> prop 13 caps property taxes, but they are going to nibble at it. is sort of a loophole that says if you are a commercial property owner, you won't get reassessed and they are going to go after that. and jerry brown has laid very quite. he is going to say let that come from the grass roots. >> jennifer: so how many of the increases are tax bills? >> there are some in there. >> jennifer: you cover san francisco and one of the issues that is really important in this community is lbgt rights. >> yes. >>
, freezing right now in santa rosa, 32. 40 in san jose. and 48 in san francisco. this afternoon, though, we're basking in sunshine. temperatures moving well into the 60s. the next couple of days should be gorgeous even into the weekend with just a few more clouds. cooler and unsettled toward the middle of next week. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by green mountain coffee. brew a better day. >>> the super bowl party is long overdue. this morning we'll talk about the big game and the news from washington, with two people who know both of those cities well james carville and mary matalin. >>> and a new study says making small changes in your diet won't help you lose weight. even sex doesn't help they say. we'll ask the leader of that study what dieters should be doing on "cbs this morning." portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by capella university. bright students are getting lost in the shuffle. and administration's work gets more complex every year. when you look at these issues, do you see problems or opportunities? with an advanced degree
the bay bridge. the san francisco oakland bay bridge. an oil tanker, more specifically according to ktvu fox 2 for the bay area it struck is support for the bay bridge just about 12:20 this afternoon. about 15 minutes ago california time. this brings back awful memories for the people of san francisco in the bay area in general from a collision that happened in 2007 when a 900-foot container ship struck that same bridge and more than 53-gallons of fuel oil poured into the bay, killed by local determinations more than 6800 birds and harmed a herring spawn that winter. closed the beaches to swimmers for weeks. this one, though, there are no signs of any oil leaking at all. the coast guard is responding. the tanker appears to be intact. whether there s anything more to this, we don't have any way to know yet until the inspectors get throughout. at first glance at least there does not appear to be an oil spill. the headline anneal tanker struck a support for the san francisco oakland bay bridge. any new information from the coast guard we will ring to you you reit away. the syrian president
was upset about a tuition dispute. >> tonight, the sister of a woman who was set on fire in san francisco -- talks to kron-4. the gruesome crime happened yesterday in the city's bayview district. the suspect - dexter oliver, who you see here, remains on the loose tonight. he is now wanted for attempted murder and arson. police say, he has an unusual haircut -- with the design of a fish on one side -- and a lighting bolt on the other. kron4's maureen kelly spoke the victim's sister about the assault. >> kerstin was hanging off. -- her skin was hanging off. and her skin was also hanging off like this. >> reporter: jolissa craig is discribing the injuries her sister-25 year old starr lamare suffered after the horrific attack.she says it happened after the mother of three young children got in an argument with her boyfriend about some clothes they were washing at this laundrymat on thrid street. >> she wanted it to leaf and the clothes in the laundry. and he did not want to leave the close. >> reporter: starr's sister says oliver then came back to their family home where he got gasoline starr
design on the other. 25-year-old star lemar remains in critical condition at a san francisco hospital. she has severe burns to her face and chest. family members say oliver became enraged when lamar broke up their relationship. >> in the south bay two suspects are under arrest tonight after an incident triggered an order. near south king road and ocala avenue was on lockdown until 1:10 this afternoon. that lockdown started after reports someone spotted several men in a cardiss playing a gun. when police caught up with the men, they took off leading to a house to house search near the school. ultimately the two were arrested but no gun was ever found. >>> well, game on. the national hockey league is now scrambling to come up with a revised schedule for the san jose sharks and the rest of the league. a new deal will finally end the 113-day lockout after hundreds of canceled games, you can imagine the players are ready to go. and so the business owners in downtown san jose who depend on teal fever to keep them in the black. let's bring in kris sanchez who joins us live from the shark tan
see it first. >>> we take you live to san francisco for a look at the bay bridge. tell you about something damage-wise happening out there. an investigation going on on this tuesday, january 8th. this is "today in the bay." >>> it is almost
47, a little controversy, a san francisco 49ers cornerback was forced to apologize for saying that gay players would not be welcomed in the locker room. san francisco players got to practice on the field at the new new orleans super dome to get ready for sunday's game. the baltimore ravens also got their chance to get in some practice time, too. jackie and jack harbaugh, the parents of the two super bowl coaches talked to reporters about their sons facing each other. >> we're so excited for john and jim to be in this situation. but we're also really excited for the players and their families. >> the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat and on sunday night we're going to experience both of those, those great emotions. and our thoughts will be with the one that comes up a little short. >> the harbaughs say their sons coaching in the super bowl is part of a great journey their family is on. >>> on today's google front page today, you'll see the image of jackie robinson who broke the color barrier in major league baseball. today is the 40th anniversary of his death. the georg
it be sandy hook, chicago, san francisco or oakland, i think that common sense will prevail on this issue. i think the appointment of congressman thompson is a good thing because he is a gun owner. >> jennifer: i agree with you. >> that's a good approach to the whole thing. >> jennifer: there are reasonable gun owners and you have to understand that there is respect that we have to have for the second amendment but rational common-sense gun laws need to prevail. there really has been a huge. of people killed since the you beginning of the year. rahm emmanuel had a press conference announcing what he was going to do, which was to move 200 chicago cops from their desks out to the streets. listen to what he had to say. >> we will continue to move all 200 by march to move them all into the streets to do what i think is a key component, which is to reduce gun violence and gang activity before the flame becomes a fire, put it out. >> jennifer: is more police the answer? >> well, they're doing the same thing in oakland. they had a patrol on the streets of oakland. short-term probably. having--you'r
did. an oil tanker heading out to sea sideswiped a tower on the san francisco oakland bay bridge. the tanker was empty, so no oil leaked into the bay. the bridge itself was not damaged. and no one was injured. >>> in chicago, what first looked like a case of tragic timing has now turned into a case of foul play. a 46-year-old man died last july just hours after getting a $425,000 check for winning a lottery. the medical examiner ruled urooj khan died of natural causes. but his family was suspicious. new toxicology tests just found khan died of cyanide poisoning. and his body will likely be exhumed as police hunt for the killer. >>> casey anthony is not expected to appear in a florida courtroom later today during an appeal hearing. anthony was convicted on four counts of lying to investigators about the disappearance of her daughter in 2008. her attorneys argued that the statements were made before she was advised of her rights. >>> and some medical news, now. and another clue in the battle against alzheimer's. new research finds that beta blockers, those are prescription drugs us
. >> the matriarch of the san francisco zoo has died. she a. >> the zoo says she died from heart disease complications of cancer but you people describe her as funny and clever. there is an inspire -- the zoo is not confirming that. >> a marin county man went to court to fight a traffic violation. it could have national implications because as carolyn tyler explains, it is a controversial issue. >> it was just after 7:30 in the morning last october when they were heading south along 101 in the car pool lane. >> i'm always in the car pool lane because i know i have got another person in the car with me. >> what jonathan freeman had was the paperwork for his nonprofit corporation. the state vehicle code's definition of a person includes a corporation. that was the argument when the chp pulled him over. >> he said you need two persons in your vehicle and i showed him the papers and said yes, i do have two persons in the car. >> tried to explain. >> actually, the 59-year-old san raphael man is opposed to what is called corporate personhoodhood and is pleased the case is going to court. >> co
in livermore today. 66 degrees beautiful conditions persist in san francisco. we'll hold onto that for your friday and then temperatures come down just a touch as we head into super bowl weekend. >>> and that's your latest weather. matt. >> al, thank you very much. still ahead, more from the self-confessed mather mind from the manti te'o girlfriend hoax. >>> then a look at the crackdown to get fake nfl gear off the market. right after this. vacation is a precious thing. so this year, make the most of it. fly like you've never been grounded. scream like you've never been shushed. let go like you have nothing to lose. and hold on to what matters most. it's your vacation. don't just take it. mean it. universal orlando. vacation like you mean it. of philadelphia cream cheese. it always begins with fresh, local milk, blended with real wholesome cream. going fresh from the farm, to our fridge, in just six days. when it comes to fresh taste, philadelphia sets the standard. [ announcer ] to do a job well,m the farm, to you need the right tools. days. so if you're filing your taxes online, choose h&
. >> put one down. >> which one? >> up to you. >> i'm going to san francisco. >> i don't want to make any feel bad. everybody gets a trophy. >> a little super bowl nfl trivia for you. what is the nickname for the official nfl football. the football itself? >> the pigskin? >> i don't know. >> what? >> the duke! >> the duke. we have one right here. >> that's very exciting. >> big game coming up. >> naturally and i will be in super bowl city. i'm in san francisco tomorrow. naturally will be out and part of our "today's" surprise field trips. >>> meanwhile, in our studio right now, we have two very big stars, we have jason bateman and jane krakowski. jane is here to talk about the series finale of "30." >> we're all crying, jane. "30 rock" airs tonight on nbc with a special guest appearance by one of our own and jason is here to talk about his new movie, called identity thief. it's a funny one. we look forward to talking to both of them. >> actually two of us. >> that's right. you're in it also. i forgot about that. that will be the trivia question. >>> we want to go to tamron hall with a che
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